How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Resume

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

By: Weston Bonnelle

As unemployment levels rise, the job search is becoming more competitive. It's importance to overcome psychological hangups, such as writer's block or procrastination, so that you can put your best foot forward and write an attractive resume.
A resume is a presentation of your experience, personality skills and achievements. A well-crafted resume can open the doors to an interview and a chance for gainful employment. Although a resume has a high degree of importance in the job search, it can be difficult for some job seekers to get motivated enough to one. Writer's block and anxiety may ensure, resulting in a poorly constructed resume or no resume at all. Despite your reasons for being unmotivated about writing a resume, there are several steps you can take to increase your motivation and reduce procrastination.
Face your Fears about Job Searching
Many people fear the job search and will procrastinate writing a resume to avoid addressing these fears. In other instances the job search may be failing and there's much emotional pain involved with tampering with the resume. By not writing or editing their resume they can avoid the negative aspects of the job search. Face your fears by getting more knowledge and experience about the job search. If you are afraid of networking, go to more networking events. Accept that you will be rejected by some individuals and that competition is stiff. However realize that this doesn't mean you are a poor candidate or bad person. If you are nervous about interviewing, research interview techniques and practice interviewing with your associates. Being motivated about your overall job search will increase your motivation to write a resume.
Believe that You Can Find a Job
If you believe that you can obtain a fulfilling career then you will be more likely to put in the necessary effort, such as writing a superb resume, to reach that goal. Remind yourself of all the times you were able to get a job in the past. Hopelessness may arise, however your current negative situation doesn't have to translate into future undesirable circumstances. Focus less on your perceived inadequacies. Visualize being happy and feeling accomplished while writing a well-constructed resume and cover letter. You will begin to associate positive feelings with writing a resume.
List the Consequences of Not Writing a Resume
Contemplating the consequences of not writing your resume will decrease your tendency to procrastinate and remain in denial. Familiarize yourself of the competition to motivate yourself to write the most outstanding resume possible. Understand that a lack of employment could result in less experience, skills and references. Ponder the negative effects from not having an income. However, avoid mentally punishing yourself for not writing your resume. Take one step at a time when writing your resume.

Feel Proud of your Achievements
Conjure a strong desire to showcase and market your experience and skills.  Realize your self worth and believe that you would be a valuable addition to the company. Get excited about using the best resume template, keywords and format to make your resume more attractive. Do not allow discouragement about your current unemployment undermine your past professional accomplishment. The more confidence you have in your value to employers, the more motivated you will be to write a resume and the less writer's block you will experience.

Develop a Comprehensive Strategy for Your Job Search
Producing a plan for your job search will increase your sense of urgency and create an incentive for you to write your resume. Seeing your plans outlined will also decrease writer's block since your resume is a valuable component to all of the steps in your job search. Map out how you will use social networking, list the job fairs you will attend, find offices to drop off your resume, research conventions to market and network yourself and explore company websites to apply for jobs online through. Hold yourself accountable to your plans by informing an associate, family member or job search coach about your employment goals. A networking or job search group are also ideal organizations for holding yourself accountable to writing and perfecting your resume. Assign a date for your associates to review your resume. You will be more motivated to write a resume to avoid disappointing them.

Outline Your Resume
Creating an outline for your resume will help you overcome writer's block and encourage you to finish your resume. The task of writing a resume will not seem as overwhelming. Brainstorm points to include to your resume to reduce your fear of constructing an entire resume. Get ideas for your resume by researching ideas on how to write them.
Now you are ready to finish your resume! Make sure to reward yourself for completing your resume. 

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Sheltie Times said...

Fear is a huge issue. Face it and move forward.

Dianne Heath said...

@ Bailey

I agree. You just have find the root of your fears and then face them.